About Us

Indie Artists • One Stop • E&O Insured

JC3 Media Music is a full service one Stop music publisher. Budget friendly and accommodating, we go the extra mile to make our clients happy! Our custom catalog of tracks along with elite songs from our hand-picked indie artists merge to reflect the remarkable JC3 brand. We offer fully one-Stop, pre-cleared music with quick turnaround for use in Media such as Film, TV, Sports, Trailers, Ads, and Video Games.

With thousands of placements and years of experience, JC3's music has been heard in a myriad of shows on a variety of networks across the globe such as FOX, NBC, ABC, MTV Showtime, HBO and more. JC3 Media Music searches high and low to locate the "diamonds in the rough". Our goal is to make your job easier. We respect our artists and our clients, working with them directly to make the clearing process simple and quick! Please let us know how we can help you.

Jennifer Costello handles all aspects of licensing and contracts for JC3. She has an extensive musical background, with an aptitude for piano performance and pedagogy. Jennifer earned her music degree from Butler University - Jordan College of Fine Arts in 1992. Throughout college, she played piano for a multitude of shows and accompanied various artists for public and private performances, including working with the Indianapolis Opera Company and Community Theater among others. After college, Jennifer relocated to Arizona where she opened a private piano studio and taught lessons for many years. During that time, she continued to hone her skills as a musician, playing piano and organ at various churches in town. She became immersed in the legal aspect of the music business and has gained in depth knowledge related to publishing and synch. She looks forward to helping you with your needs.

John A. Costello III has been creating and publishing music for decades, composing music since the late 80s. For the past 35 years, he has worked in the music industry sharing his creative talents as well as his business expertise with clients and artists alike. His varied background as both a top flight musician and experienced publisher created a natural path for the formation of JC3 Media Music. John’s skills as a producer and his talent for finding fresh and upcoming artists make him the perfect fit for selecting music for the JC3 brand. His in-depth knowledge of the music publishing industry as well as his proficiency in musical production, engineering, mixing and mastering, makes him a huge asset to the company. John’s history incudes prior alliances with other publishers where his music was placed in countless television shows, movies, trailers and advertisements.